Mercer Cauley is part of the ongoing public discussion surrounding immigration. He speaks in the community on current issues, as well as providing educational opportunities for new immigration processes.

We are creating a video library that will help people understand immigration laws better. This information is just general information because each case is different. If you have additional questions, please contact us at 704-522-6363 or and we would be happy to help.

Charlotte Observer article about new Trump presidency

Mercer Cauley talks to Fox News about the current political climate and how this could affect undocumented immigrants in the Charlotte area.
For immigrants already in the shadows, a Trump presidency brings new fears, action

U Visa

Mercer discusses this unique visa that was established to help victims of violent crimes work with the police to solve them.

Provisional Waiver

Mercer advises how undocumented spouses of US Citizens can remain in the US while obtaining a green card.

Mercer Cauley on Fox News to explain the benefits of a municipal ID card

Mercer was invited to speak on Fox News to explain the benefits of a municipal ID card to undocumented immigrants living in Charlotte.