Ashly : Senior Paralegal


Senior Paralegal

Ashly is originally from Texas, and she moved to North Carolina to further advance her career in the legal field. She studied Political Science and Economics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. After graduation, she began working with Attorney Cauley in 2009 at Rogers & Rogers. Ashly joined Attorney Cauley when he opened the doors of The Cauley Law Firm in October of 2012. After Cauley Law Firm and Forsythe Immigration Law Firm merged, Ashly helped transition the two teams together. She feels very rewarded by working in immigration law because of the final affect her work has on families. In her spare time, she enjoys being with family, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Dayris : Senior Paralegal


Senior Paralegal

Dayris was born in Queens, New York and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Dayris studied Political Science and Latin American Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Upon graduation, she started the paralegal certification program at the extended academic programs offered by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. While in school she volunteered at various non-profit organizations in the Charlotte area as well as working full-time as a paralegal. These experiences formed the foundation for her legal career. Dayris greatly enjoys immigration law and being able to help families.

Katty : Paralegal



Katty is originally from Venezuela, and she was born and raised in the city of Maracaibo. She attended Rafael Urdaneta University School of Law for her bachelor’s degree. Katty went on to study at Rafael Belloso Chacin University for her master’s degree in Business Administration. She loves dancing, listening to music, exploring new places, eating sushi and Italian food, and spending time by the ocean. Katty herself went through a family based process with immigration. She is passionate about helping others. Katty still has family back in Venezuela, and she is very thankful for any time she spends with them on visits.

Lizza : Paralegal



Lizza is originally from Puerto Rico. She was born in Mayaguez, and she spent her adolescence in Quebradillas. She attended the University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla for her bachelor’s degree in Biology. After finishing her studies in science, she went on to attend the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras School of Law. She holds certifications as a mediator and a social sciences professor. In her free time, Lizza enjoys playing volleyball and soccer at the park. She likes hiking, and when the weather is favorable she will travel to surf. Lizza feels a very high sense of fulfillment by being able to help immigrants through her work here at Cauley Forsythe Law Group.

Leslie : Paralegal



Leslie was born in Durango, Mexico and lived there until age three when her mother decided to leave in search of more opportunities and a safer home for her three daughters. The family moved to Lexington, NC. Leslie moved to Charlotte to start her professional career, with the aim of making her mother proud. Leslie enjoys helping others.

Yessica : Paralegal



Yessica was born in West Islip, New York. She grew up in Long Island and attended Suffolk County Community College where she graduated with her ABA approved associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies. Yessica was born to immigrant parents from El Salvador. Yessica enjoys helping find immigration solutions for families and businesses. In her spare time, Yessica enjoys cooking, caring for animals, spending time with family, watching crime shows, and practicing yoga.

James : Paralegal



James grew up in Nashville and graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a double major in Child & Family Studies and Spanish because of his love and passion for people and culture. He studied in both Ecuador and Spain on a student visa and worked in Costa Rica with a religious visa. He has taken the opportunity to travel to 27 countries across five continents. James has worked as an advocate for immigrants in educational, medical, and community settings because he desires that we would all thrive mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. James is actively involved in serving locally and globally through Warehouse 242 and enjoys hiking with his dog.

Gabrielle : Front Office Coordinator


Front Office Coordinator

Gabrielle was born in Stuart, Florida. She was raised there before moving to Hawaii as a teenager. Gabrielle completed her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature and English Writing at the University of South Florida. She has lived in many different states throughout her life, but she settled down with family in Charlotte, North Carolina. During her college career, she interned in Buenos Aires, Argentina at La Asociación Internacional de Estudios, a South American branch of the University of London School of Law.  Through her life experiences and travels, she has grown passionate about the global community and economy. Gabrielle greatly enjoys working at Cauley Forsythe Law Group because of the higher sense of fulfillment she receives by working with immigrant families. When she isn’t working, she enjoys singing in choir, hiking at state parks, reading for leisure, and dancing salsa.

Kobe : Chief Entertainment Officer


Chief Entertainment Officer

Kobe enjoys walks around the office and greeting clients who come to visit. His favorite treats are chicken nuggets.