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My Name is Leisha and I want to say that I am Super Satisfied with Attorney Jordan and her Team, She has had my husband case for the past 4 yrs I can say every single process has been done as said, they always explained everything to us and make sure we clearly understand everything before we leave her office.I can say from a 1 to 10 score I’ll scored her and her team a 1000. Our case has come to the end and we want to say we couldn’t get any better service and support from our attorney Jordan and her Team! I recommend her with my eyes close. And like I said before our case has come to and end, but in our hearts and prayers they will always be!! Jordan you are awesome Thank you for your all I will never have enough to pay you what you have done for us God Bless you! Jessica Thank you so much you are awesome, And Dayris wow Jordan has the best next to her, thank you thank you for everything for being that source of quick communication to My hubby from day one!!
To all of you thank you and God bless you all!!

Holman & Leisha June 25, 2017