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My family and I were living in the USA illegally for 12 years after our visitors visas expired. When I got shot during a robbery my family and I hired Attorney Forsythe to help us come out of the shadow. She did her best to get our U visas approved, from 2011 till 2014. Before those U visas expired she advised us to apply for the Green Cards to avoid falling back into illegality. Attorney Forsythe did her best, and in February 2015 (after renewing our work permits in 2014), we got our green cards approved. Now we all are Legal Permanent Residents…working legally. We even travel overseas without fear…

Attorney Forsythe is very Knowledgeable about visa matters; she is very friendly, very nice and she is always ready to stop whatever she was doing to come and help her clients. Since the first day we went to her Law Firm, she treated us with a strong professionalism, dignity and respect making us feel that there was still hope of getting out of the shadow one day. Today my whole family has become green cards holders because of the good work of Attorney Forsythe and her staff. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who has an immigration case no matter how simple or complex the problem is. Once again thank you so much Attorney Forsythe and may God bless you tremendously in Jesus Christ name.

Annie K.M. March 31, 2016