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I wanted to share my experience with Cauley Forsythe Law Group and to let you know that the whole team do a really professional job. We glad that we decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy you made our case and manage it. I will recommend everybody to work with you and I want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Marcela, Ms. Ashly, and Attorney Mr. Cauley, Thank you all and GOD Bless you for making a reunion with my family.

And thank you Gabrielle for the mugs 😊.

Thank you & Best Regards.


Mr. Rayyis November 19, 2018

My Name is Leisha and I want to say that I am Super Satisfied with Attorney Jordan and her Team, She has had my husband case for the past 4 yrs I can say every single process has been done as said, they always explained everything to us and make sure we clearly understand everything before we leave her office.I can say from a 1 to 10 score I’ll scored her and her team a 1000. Our case has come to the end and we want to say we couldn’t get any better service and support from our attorney Jordan and her Team! I recommend her with my eyes close. And like I said before our case has come to and end, but in our hearts and prayers they will always be!! Jordan you are awesome Thank you for your all I will never have enough to pay you what you have done for us God Bless you! Jessica Thank you so much you are awesome, And Dayris wow Jordan has the best next to her, thank you thank you for everything for being that source of quick communication to My hubby from day one!!
To all of you thank you and God bless you all!!

Holman & Leisha June 25, 2017

I met Jordan Forsythe in 2008 and asked her to help me and my family. I first came to the USA from Haiti in March 2007 and started living in Statesville. My wife and 2 daughters came to Statesville also in March 2008. Jordan helped with everything through our case. She is very understanding and a good person. She likes to help people and to understand people’s stories. She went to Virginia for an interview with me and helped me with the interview.

Now my kids will come next year and this is a very good thing to be all together again. Jordan is helping us with this part of my case too. For me, I’m not going to choose any other lawyer. Jordan is the best lawyer for us. If anybody has a case with Jordan, they will have an awesome lawyer.

Mr. Daniels December 19, 2016

Mr Mercer Cauley and his staff thru their knowledge, professionalism and hard work helped me became an American citizen.

Calin April 1, 2016

My family and I were living in the USA illegally for 12 years after our visitors visas expired. When I got shot during a robbery my family and I hired Attorney Forsythe to help us come out of the shadow. She did her best to get our U visas approved, from 2011 till 2014. Before those U visas expired she advised us to apply for the Green Cards to avoid falling back into illegality. Attorney Forsythe did her best, and in February 2015 (after renewing our work permits in 2014), we got our green cards approved. Now we all are Legal Permanent Residents…working legally. We even travel overseas without fear…

Attorney Forsythe is very Knowledgeable about visa matters; she is very friendly, very nice and she is always ready to stop whatever she was doing to come and help her clients. Since the first day we went to her Law Firm, she treated us with a strong professionalism, dignity and respect making us feel that there was still hope of getting out of the shadow one day. Today my whole family has become green cards holders because of the good work of Attorney Forsythe and her staff. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who has an immigration case no matter how simple or complex the problem is. Once again thank you so much Attorney Forsythe and may God bless you tremendously in Jesus Christ name.

Annie K.M. March 31, 2016

As far as I’m concern the best immigration lawyer I ever meet I’m happy to have him and thank god for having him as my lawyer from day one he told me not to worry he will take care my situation and he did I wish everyone that is in the same situation like me to have him as there lawyer and they will never regret it

Mamudou February 16, 2016

Jordan Forsythe and her staff helped us in every step of the immigration process, including assistance in translations.  They gave us a complete breakdown of the process, and the estimated timeframe for each step in the process.  Ivoni and her children are with me now and I am certain the timeframe would have been much longer if we had not had Ms. Forsythe’s invaluable assistance.

Doug and Ivoni February 16, 2016

I try lots of lawyers non of them can help me they were just telling me to go back then they will do the process to get me back here in the United States which i wasn’t buying but a friend told me about Cauley law firm I went to consult him with the advice he was telling me I knew that’s the guy that I found the right person if he tells you that he can do it after you explain your situation to him trust me don’t hesitate he is the right lawyer you needed I thank god for the opportunity to have him as my immigration lawyer I hope my all fellow immigrants out there will have the opportunity to have him as there immigration lawyer because he is good in what he does best thank you

Mohamed February 16, 2016

Mr. Cauley was very professional and knowledgeable. He took on my case after I was deported and advised me and helped move my case along until I was approved for my permanent residence. Any time I had a question or concern he was there by either email, or conference call. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a reliable and honest lawyer.

Anonymous February 15, 2016

I hired the Cauley Law Firm to represent me during my asylum process. My case is in Court, but I just received my work permit, my social security and my driver’s license. I felt very happy when I received these papers because every day I was no longer afraid of getting deported. I found attorney Cauley through my aunt, who attended one of his free talks at a school. She won a free consultation, and my aunt decided to use it so that I could speak to the attorney. I had spoken to other attorneys before, and they had taken a lot of my money and a lot of my time. They talked a lot but did nothing. When I met attorney Mercer things were different. He explained all the issues about my case to me, and he told me about all the opportunities available. It was obvious that he had a high understanding of the law, and he wasn’t like the others. There was always an interpreter in all of the meetings, and they were dedicated to make sure I understood what was happening. If I didn’t understand, they would explain things to me until they were clear. I would use this attorney again, and every time I ever needed one.

Nestor February 2, 2016

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