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I have not had any problems during the time that I have worked with them. Last month I received a notification telling me that my U visa had been approved, and I also received my work permit, valid until 2019, which allowed me to get my driver’s license. Now, I can move without fear of being stopped by the police, and without having to pay so much money in tickets for not having a driver’s license. My U visa process was complex because the attorney had to work really hard to ensure the police department would sign my certification, but both he and Angelica were committed to helping me, and they got it done. They always helped me to communicate even though I couldn’t speak English, and their payment plan was very sensible. They helped me with my situation. It has been very pleasant to work with an attorney who has a big heart, and one that doesn’t want to take advantage of you. I always recommend him to people, and I tell them, “don’t doubt about working with him. He helped me, and I know he can help you.” I don’t have family here in this country that can look after me, so I think God put him on my path. I am very grateful for all he has done for me. Blessings to all who helped me, and God bless America.

Ysabel February 2, 2016

My wife and I hired the Cauley Law Firm back in 2012 for our immigration process after speaking with several other lawyers in Charlotte.

We have now completed the naturalization process and everything went so smoothly that the only word I could use to describe the Cauley Law Firm is AMAZING!

Highly recommend Cauley Law Firm for anyone that is looking for an immigration attorney that understands the ins and outs of the whole process, is dilligent to keep everything on track, and provides all the attention you need in order to complete the whole process end-to-end.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us, Mercer!

Rafael via avvo.com October 17, 2015

If your are looking for a serious and competent immigration lawyer, then Cauley Law Office is the perfect place for you. My story is quite long but i will keep it brief. I had a complex case with the immigration in the past. Married with 3 children, i was almost got deported. I am was put in removal and while i was in detention, my family hired Mr Cauley as my attorney. He was very sincere and supportive. He reassured me that he will do his very best. After filling for a petition (asking the judge to reopen my case), he fought to get me out of the immigration detention. Few months later the judge granted my petition and i had been released. Mr Cauley and his team has helped me get my green card and even my citizenship. Today, i am a free and proud U.S citizen. I will recommend his office without hesitation to anyone who needs help with any kind of immigration issues. The staff and of course Mr Cauley’s dog are very professional and nice. Thanks again for all you have done to keep our family together.

A Client via avvo.com October 14, 2015

What a great Lawyer Cauley is. I thought i had a hopless case for 7 years, i was out of status, my Lawyers in New York and New Jersey could not fight and win my case for me but my hope was restored when i relocated to Durham and consulted with Mr Cauley …. My Green Card was Recinded and i was placed on Deportation. The Cauley firm started work on my case. They used all the immigration law to fight my case. I was always in court to witness how vast and knowledgeable Mr Cauley was when he stood before the judge fighting my case. I had lost my case in the lower court, i thought it was over …. He quickly prepared all documents for my appeal together and forwarded it to IBA. The IBA agreed with Mr Cauley and my Green Card was restored to me and i am on my way to become a citizen of this great country. I can now happily live my American dream with my family, no more deportation.

I will greatly recommend anyone with immigration issues no matter how complex it is to the Cauley Law Firm.I am a testimony,i have used Lawyers who could not win it for me.If you want you case resolved i plead with you to go to The Cauley Law Firm.

Godwin via avvo.com October 14, 2015

After many shut doors & denials of help from many attorneys, Mr Mercer Cauley was extremely helpful to my complicated situation, explaining the pros and cons, the possibilities and even no guarantees of a positive outcome. His honest approach was refreshing and directness needed.

His assistant Ashley, too was on my speed-dial whenever I needed a question answered. They both went beyond their reach to succeed and help.
I now have the issues sorted with the most satisfaction, giving me a happy beginning of my new life.

I highly recommend The Cauley Lawfirm.

Endija via avvo.com October 14, 2015

Mr. Cauley and his team especially Ashly are the best, they helped me get my visa and always kept me informed during the process. The process actually took less time than expected and I finally have a piece of mind for me and my family in this country!

Ivis via avvo.com September 15, 2015

Mr. Mercer Cauley and his team of paralegals make any imigration process a dream come true instead of a nightmare. I have enjoyed working with Mr. Cauley and his team and I’m extremely grateful for all their help and professionalism.

Albert via avvo.com September 12, 2015

Me and my wife thought it’s the end of the world when I got arrested to be deported. My wife 9 months pregnant at the time went to tens of lawyers only to find out that they were all out there to take advantage of our desperate situation, until a friend referred her to Mercer Cauley. Mercer not only got us the bail, he secured a green card too, which I was told is out of question by the top lawyers in N.C. I CANNOT stress enough about how good Mercer is as a lawyer and importantly as a person. Thank you sir me and my kids owe it all to you.

Mohammad Hashim via avvo.com April 28, 2015

My husband and I retained Mr. Cauley after completing one step in my husband’s immigration process ourselves. We consulted with one other attorney, but decided to retain Mr. Cauley based on his thorough knowledge of options available to us. He advised us as to our best long-term immigration solution, one that we were not previously aware of. The office support staff are also very knowledgeable and the customer service is outstanding. We are very happy and confident with Mr. Cauley, and I highly recommend Cauley Law Firm to anyone who is in need of an immigration attorney.

Carmen Suzanne via avvo.com March 17, 2015

Mr. Cauley is a true professional. his conduct with clients is exemplary. He has been our attorney for about 18 months now, he has pursued the case with sound legal knowledge. An honest man he is for sure but also a polished and refined individual too. I couldn’t be pleased enough.

Mohammad via avvo.com June 12, 2013