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Mr. Cauley handled my permanent residency petition, which was a complicated process as I had entered the US with an L2 visa, had fallen out of status and the Board of Immigration Appeals was involved with my case when we retained him. Thanks to Mercer’s vast knowledge of immigration law and his commitment to the process, I am now a happy green card holder!

Mr. Cauley and his assistant provided my husband and me with the utmost professional service in helping us obtain my permanent residency. They were warm and friendly; they walked us through the whole journey step by step, always making sure we understood the legal process and keeping us updated on the status of my papers.

Compared to other immigration attorneys I had dealt with before, Mr. Cauley and his team provided us with a worry-free process by being transparent, easy to reach and always willing to answer questions. Their obvious and genuine concern for us was very comforting, and we would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody who needs their service.

Angelica G. January 1, 2013

My family and I received our green cards because of my dear immigration attorney Mercer Cauley. He assisted my employer with a complicated Labor Certification where we had been audited. He worked very hard to make sure the process was successful. He is a person who cares about the people he helps and he puts hundred percent into his work. Most importantly, I always felt that his number one goal was me and my employer. My family and I want to thank him again for helping us become legal permanent resident in the USA and I highly recommend my dear attorney to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer in the USA or outside of USA.

Hasan D. January 1, 2013

Our corporation has worked with Mercer Cauley, Esq. since 2008.
Mr. Cauley has handled the immigration cases for H1b and PERM/EB2 visas for SCI and has done so with thoroughness and efficiency. He is extremely knowledgeable about visa matters and has always been very professional. We would recommend Mr. Cauley to any corporation or individual who requires immigration law services.

Keith S., President January 1, 2013

I wholeheartedly attest to the fact that Mr. Mercer Cauley is one of the best and rarest Immigration Attorneys anywhere today in this country. His understanding of the United States immigration laws knows no bound. He is professional, courteous and will stand by you every step of the way.

I said all these because I happened to be one of the beneficiaries of Mr. Cauley’s professionalism. Before I met him, I was told of the “best Attorney” somewhere in Atlanta. I journeyed down all the way from Charlotte to meet with him, but after paying an exorbitant consultation fees and giving my story to him; his response caught me off guard: he told me point blank that my case was hopeless and the best he could do was to ask the Immigration Judge to allow me 60 days to self-deport.

Of course, that was devastating. I came back to Charlotte and contacted Mr. Mercer Cauley and we scheduled an appointment over at his office. I went and narrated the whole story to him, and his response was so assuring. He told me of different approaches he could take, should one not be good enough, he could take another. All in all, thanks to Mr. Cauley’s expertise and support, I did not only win my “supposedly hopeless” case in court, I finally became a legal resident and today, I am a proud citizen of the United States. Thank you very much once again, Mr. Cauley, I can never thank you enough.

Samuel O. January 1, 2013

My name is Anna F and in 2004 I married Jairo which entered the country a few years earlier illegally. At first I didn’t think too much about it but soon after our daughter her was born we found out the different laws about the legalization of my husband and that he could not get a green card. It was overwhelming and I did not know what was ahead of us. I went to three lawyers in Charlotte and all had different answers. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of them. So just by chance I found Mr. Cauley’s information and I contacted him. Since the beginning he treated us with professionalism and made us feel that one way or another we were going to be okay.

Our case was very complicated and needed a waiver but Mr. Cauley was always right there to help and to answer our questions to make us feel at ease. At one point the Consulate lost our paperwork and Mr. Cauley and his assistant were right there taking care of all the problems. They even contacted us by phone outside the US. I think they did an outstanding job in customer service and did not make us feel like a just … another client. I thank them today for having my Husband’s green card and social security. I would recommend them to anybody with any immigration matters. Our process now in 2011 has been completely resolved and over the years it took, we never had a complaint.
I trust Mr. Cauley completely.

Anna F January 1, 2013

We were fortunate to have Mercer Cauley help our family on two different immigration cases, including a removal proceeding and a family based hardship waiver. He is not only knowledgeable and diligent, but also the most compassionate and responsive attorney we met. I would highly recommend him for any immigration matter, regardless of how simple or complex.

Bianca G. and Michael G. January 1, 2013

For newlyweds with a baby on the way the immigration paperwork and process seemed daunting and complicated. After a couple short visits with Mercer we were clear on what we needed to provide and do. Our immigration paperwork went through seamlessly. Had we attempted to manage the immigration process on our own, no doubt it would have been overwhelming and we likely would have missed something. Mercer’s expertise eliminated the confusion and stress and resulted in a positive immigration status within a few months. We highly recommend Mercer Cauley and the legal services he provides.

Marco and Aundrea S. January 1, 2013